Gluten-Free Beer Tasting Thursday, April 20th!

Gluten-Free Beer Tasting Thursday, April 20th!

Did anyone make it to our cider tasting last Thursday? If you missed it, guess what?

This Thursday, April 20th, from 12pm-2pm, Groundbreaker Brewery will host a beer tasting in our bakery!

We are currently serving two of their delicious beers for in house consumption, their IPA#5 and their Ollalie.

Groundbreaker is located right down the street from us, and they offer an entirely gluten-free menu, and wonderful gluten-free beers.

If you thought because you are gluten-free you would never be able to drink a beer again, think again!

Stop by and visit us this Thursday in the bakery, and stop over at the tasting table to hear what Groundbreaker is all about.