Call us 3 days ahead to place an order

Do you ever wish we could put your favorite items on hold for you to pick up at your convenience? Well, with most items we can do that IF YOU CALL US WITH 72 HOURS NOTICE. 503.546.4901 

That’s right! We are happy to package up whatever you want* if you have placed your order with one of our staff and have paid for the order in advance. Simple. We want you to get what you desire! 

*of course there are some limitations, such as:

  1. We got so many orders that we cannot possibly make any more! It happens occasionally and we apologize in advance if the collective consciousness is thinking about gluten-free bakery items at the same time you are!
  2. It’s a holiday week or weekend and we are offering different (super special) items than usual, that doesn’t include what you were going to order.
  3. You’ve asked for an item to be made on a day that we do not make that item. However, just look at our schedule on the website here and see if it is made on a day that you can get here.

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